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Exclusive Teak House
Red Meranti
Red Meranti has a density ranging from 580 to 770 kg/m3 at 12% moisture content and an average of 670 kg/m3. The timber has good machining properties as it can be easily sawn, planed, bored or turned giving smooth machined surfaces. It also has good nailing and screw-holding properties and is easy to stain and glue. Of even more significance is its superior durability and insulation properties compared to other timbers commonly used for window frames such as Pine, Spruce, Fir and Hemlock. Kilo-dried Dark Red Meranti is a stable timber and moves very little in service, an important requirement for joinery timber. It also meets the strength requirements and has strength properties superior or comparable to other joinery timbers. It has gained a reputation as an excellent material for the production of high class joinery products especially door and window frames, facades and doors.
Yellow Meranti

Heartwood light yellow or yellow brown, sometimes with a greenish tinge, darkening on exposure; sapwood paler in color, often with a grayish tinge. Texture moderately coarse; grain shallowly interlocked; luster low, dry material without characteristic odor or taste; liable to discolor if in contact with iron under moist conditions.

Heartwood not durable in exposed conditions or in ground contact, liable to termite attack. Sapwood susceptible to powder-post beetle attack. Not resistant to marine borers.
Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau is a hard, heavy timber originating from Shorea which grows in South East Asia. Yellowish-brown, brown, or reddish-brown wood with an interlocked grain, and a moderately fine and even texture.Durable, knot free hardwood, it requires no treatment due to its natural resistance to fungal decay and insect attack.

Yellow Balau looks very much like teak in colour.

For centuries Balau has been used for shipbuilding, heavy-duty outdoor furniture, and heavy construction, coveted for it's excellent strength and weather resistant qualities.
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