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Teak Beauty
Teak Tectona grandis belong to the verbana family and is one of the most valuable and versatile timbers.It is goldenbrown in color with decorative grain pattern.The tree has a straight stem that is often thick at the base, a spreading crown and four sided branches. It is a non-splitting and durable wood that is known for straight grain, knot less and its stability in variations. Fresh sawn teak has a slightly 'oily' feel due to the high oil content.

Teak Advantage

Teak derives its durability owing to the fact that it has more heartwood and less sapwood, this helps it in being perfectly stable under changes in the temperature and moisture .Teak is resistant to saline water, hence very useful in coastal areas and ships. It does not corrode easily. As Teak is rich in Silica ,Decking with Teak also provices grip for the person walking on it.Teak is not naturally grown everywhere, only Burma ,China, India,Thailand and Africa have the natural Teak forests.Teak is said to be resistant to water and many chemical reagents, including acids. It does not have a strong reaction when it comes in contact with metals. It is one of the few woods which can sustain almost any kind of weather conditions.

Teak Utility
Teak has a high quality construction guarantee long life even when left permanently outdoors, as it is free from warping in drying so it is most preferred for making exotic furniture. The density of its grains prevents it from splintering. Hence it can be used in swimming pool platforms, on ship decks, pleasure boats etc.It has been the number one choice of boat builders for centuries. All these reasons are enough for it to be known as " The King of Woods ".
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